Adult Dating 101: Phone Dating

Woman dating on the Phone

Last week we discussed how online dating has revolutionized the adult dating panorama. This week, we will explore online dating lesser known older sibling, phone dating.

Phone dating was very popular during the 80s and 90s, before the internet was prevalent on every home and mobile device. Although it’s popularity is dwarfed by online dating sites, many people are still attracted by the few remaining features on which phone dating still trumps online dating. Some of the most popular features of phone dating include:


Those who have tried phone dating will agree that it is a fast method of finding a partner and engaging in the dating process. People can make new connections as well as have dates ended after short periods as they would wish the relationship to last. When one is not contented with the way the relationship goes, he or she can hang up and find another individual to chat with.


Going on a date over the phone is as well an easy process. It does not require any fancy grooming or leaving home. Those who hate going out can enjoy dating over the phone because they would simply use chat line services to initiate a date. One is needed to simply be on the phone and go on dates. On the chat line, it is easier to be more convincing than when chatting with text over the internet.


With phone dates, one has the benefit of concealing his or her identity. The conversation may continue without either of the communicating parties knowing the true name and location of his or her fellow. By so doing one would have gotten total anonymity. Those who would wish to hide their identities during dates would have nothing to worry about since phone dates are secure and safe.


Unlike online dating, phone dating does not require you to have fill in public profile and upload photographs to attract some attention.

Callers can converse about anything to anyone they would wish to talk to. Going on phone dates with anyone doesn’t matter since the dating process is entirely discreet.


In terms of expenses incurred during real dates against those of phone dates, it should be noted that phone dates are much cheaper compared to real dates. Actually, some chat lines provide users with free hour offers of which they could use up. Phone dating is much a more affordable dating method compared to its physical counterpart: on-site speed dating.

The enlisted benefits are just a few of the many advantages of phone dating. In as much as they might be self-explanatory; phone dating — as much as online dating — have very similar benefits and are used together in some cases. However, there are different occasions when they are applied in solitude. For instance, when one searches for dating sites for a partner, he or she must use the internet to locate dating sites. Such a situation is different to when one uses chat lines to secure a date. All in all, both phone dating and online dating are great technologies for social interaction.

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