Adult Dating 101: Online Dating

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Dating is a game that has been around since time immemorial. Different cultures have different dating rules, but with the current globalization changes, the rules have changed. The dating world has experienced a paradigm shift with the coming of the internet. Society has become more liberal and dating has hence evolved. Today, more and more people are finding love remotely. Phone chat and online dating platforms are possible thanks to technology and the internet. Virtual meeting grounds that offers suitors a field of corn to find love. The question now becomes, between online dating and phone chat dating, which is the most effective?

Members of the younger generations, especially does who were brought up with the internet use online dating exclusively. Adult online dating takes up the aspects of Internet dating sites or social platform utilization. Under the adult dating umbrella there are many sub-niches that extend beyond straight singles. There are online dating opportunities for all kinds of sexual preferences including swingers, homosexuals, transexuals, HIV positive and even sites for people looking for extramarital relationships.

Online dating has proved to be important and almost inevitable in the current society. Some of the benefits associated with this type of dating include:


With online dating, an individual is exposed to several potential partners compared to the number that they might come across in their daily settings or through the phone. Such could, however, be more sinister for those who look for a particular partner depending on their lifestyle, orientation, or other specific qualifications. However, the disadvantage associated with accessibility of online dating is the aspect of having a large array of partners to choose from.

The process of selection of partners might be rather overwhelming and confusing. In case one doesn’t have a clear plan, daters could find themselves endlessly looking for perfect partners instead of starting relationships that are satisfying.


Currently, there are several online dating sites that provide their clients with a variety of personality matching and testing to help individuals choose partners that best fit them. Such matching techniques would also help individuals gauge the level of compatibility between them and the partners they choose.


With online dating, one is guaranteed of several ways of getting to know and understand a potential date even before having to meet the partner. Such sophistications are made possible through communications that are computer-mediated. Such communications allow convenient and safe interactions without necessarily having time commitments or even risks. Online dating is, therefore, a potential way in which those who are either safety-conscious or busy to test potential partners.

What are daters doing regarding online dating? As much as this type of dating is concerned, most dating experts easily confuse its activities to phone dating. Even though some experts will not agree, phone matchmakers incorporate social media and online dating into their matching procedures. In such a case, let’s assume that the answer is vivid. The truth of the matter is that there is no such thing as a formula that is a “one-size fits all.” The relationship goals of an individual would differ from their neighbors or even their friends. What is important is that there is a site or a particular dating method for each and every person from mere hook-ups to marriage proposals.

In as much as online dating has taken the younger generation by storm, phone dating is also being employed not only by the youth but also mature and elderly people. It is sometimes difficult to differentiate the manner in which the two are employed in the current society as they have merged.

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